When is it Time to Change Air Compressor Filters?

When using an air compressor in a spray booth, it is important the filters are changed on a regular basis. Compressed air contains many containments that can affect your breathing and cause product contamination as well as other health concerns. When the filters are changed on a regular basis, these are things that you no longer need to worry about.

Choosing the Right Air Compressor Filter

It is important that the right air compressor filters Denver Colorado are chosen to begin with. Lose fitting filters allow contamination into the room and this is the last thing that you want. Any trained professional can help you with the selection of the filters to ensure that you choose the right size and brand for your needs.

But, when is it time to change the filter? It is important that you have this information available to you so not to let the filter sit too long and lose its effectiveness. Take a look.

Notification Filters

Some filters have built-in notification systems that alert you to being dirty and the need for a replacement. These filters are really nice and make it easy to remember when to change the filter. They only cost a fraction more than regular filters, so why not?

It is a good idea to change the filters inside of your air compressor no less than once per month or more often if is used frequently. This rule of thumb is best to follow to stay safe.

Make sure that the air filters in your air compressor are changed as they should be changed. You and everyone else on the team will benefit from filters that are changed as they should be. Do not take any chances when your health and safety is at risk.